Our Space + Enrolling
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Our Space + Enrolling

Our Space


STEAM will be forever linked to Nature, we strongly believe that learning in a calm and soothing place allows the children to explore their environment free from over stimulation. Our decor is geared towards neutral colors to promote a relaxing aesthetic and prevent the learning areas from appearing cluttered. With our society being so fast-paced, having an environment that is not overwhelming facilitates children learning and growing at their own pace. To foster a relaxing learning environment in our premises we encourage our teachers to play soft, instrumental music throughout the day to set the tone for a tranquil experience. Sanitizing and disinfecting our premises is one of our daily habits to make sure all stations are safe and ready to be explored!


For enrolling


Feel free to contact us to book an appointment, so we can happily give you a full information and a proper tour of our premises.

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