Enrichment Experiences
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Enrichment Experiences

Our Team


We are very passionate about your child’s learning experiences. Our staff and teachers are dedicated in creating a rich learning environment for every individual in our care by providing an interactive learning programs and surroundings. The tiny humans will experience various activity from week to week and it includes A LOT of topics, here are some of the activities below!


Literacy and Mathematics

When it comes to Literacy and Mathematics, some children may find it stressful and it’s our job to make it fun and engaging by applying our multimodal and project based learning. We used so many inspiring topics and activities to keep them engaged and most of all, to have tons of fun.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Elements of science are all around us. In fact, we encounter the effects of science on a daily basis, whether it be experiencing static electricity, observing a rain cloud forming or seeing ice melt. Learning about how our world works through science can be a fun and exciting experience. Exposing children to scientific concepts from a young age encourages exploration and lays the ground work for a love of learning for many years to come.


Art and Engineering

We LOVE art and so do the tiny humans! When it comes to art, we used process-art as our method in learning. Besides enhancing their engineering skills in creating artworks, when a child is exposed to an open-ended project, it nurtures the social and emotional health, reinforcing focus, self-esteem and emotional sharing, builds cognitive skills such as comparison, prediction, planning and problem-solving, to top it off! It’s SUPER GOOD for the brain! Like… REALLY GOOD!


Nature as the Third Teacher

STEAM will always be inspired by nature, children are exposed to the dearly beloved every single day, from gardening,exploration to observation, it always leads to curiosities and ended up with big questions at the end of the day!


Yoga & Physical Education Class

Soaking in the Vitamin D whilst exercising and meditating before starting with our day is definitely a routine that the kids are looking forward to!

This activity boosts their confidence, promotes body awareness, managing anxieties, enhancing gross motor skills, strength and flexibility! And above all, we added a mindfulness session on every session!



STEAM’s humanity project is one of the core programs that we implement on a daily and monthly basis. We believe that just being a good human being defines you everywhere. It extends unconditional love to each and every living being on Earth. As soon as we understand the importance of humanity in day to day life, the purpose for which we are on Earth is automatically fulfilled. Our humanity projects varies each month, and usually all projects are initiated by the tiny humans. At the moment, our continuous project is helping the schools on the secluded islands in Labuan Bajo, kindly see our Gallery for more pictures.

little Chefs

Little Chefs

Everyone loves food and teaching children how to create and appreciate their own culinary masterpieces is very rewarding! Quality and healthy food should be an integral part of every person’s life and children are no exception. Even the picky eaters have fun trying new things! Tasting different styles of foods from various countries expands children’s view of their world from the perspective of their little taste buds.



When it comes to Culture session, we’re going hand in hand with humanity. Exposing a lot of cultures and traditions from all around the world to the tiny humans helps in raising tolerance, curiosities, empathy and respect to all living beings around them.

Saturday session

Saturdays and Holiday Programs

Our Saturday programs opens for public by appointment!

And every program will have different themes and different activities.

Stay tune to our next session by sending us a message! We will put you in our broadcast list so you’re able to receive information on the upcoming sessions!

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